White House Joins NAHB in Opposing House Energy Bill

Codes and Standards

The White House today joined NAHB in opposing House energy bill H.R. 4447 due in part to problematic language regarding building codes that would harm housing affordability.

NAHB has come out in strong opposition to the legislation because it would needlessly raise home construction costs while doing little to boost energy efficiency in the housing sector. NAHB ran a strong grassroots campaign asking our members to reach out their congressional members and urge them to oppose the legislation.

Over the past two years, NAHB has also met with the White House to discuss our concerns regarding the building code language and we are pleased to see that the administration shares our concerns as well.

The White House Statement of Administration Policy opposing H.R. 4447 said the bill would lead to higher energy costs "by setting rigid energy savings and water consumption reduction targets for Federal agencies, requiring State and local governments to establish strict building codes that are not grounded in available technologies, and mandating a rigorous transition from hydrofluorocarbon use in the private heating and cooling sector."

View the White House statement here.

For more information, visit nahb.org.

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