Remodeler's Success Stems from a Focus on the Client Experience


Doing quality work is essential for any good remodeler. But what separates the good ones from the great ones often comes down to the level of customer service they provide. That's long been a huge focus for Christopher Mousley, a remodeler from Salt Lake City, Utah, and it's a large part of why he is September's NAHB Remodeler of the Month.

"I have been involved in some aspect of home building and property maintenance since I was a teenager," said Mousley. "I was also involved in the ski industry, which is heavy on service. I found it hard to understand why tradesmen and business owners physically work so hard and, at the same time, don't pay attention to the client experience. In 2009 when the economy was in poor shape, I decided to start my own company with a focus on customer service, in addition to solid craftsmanship."

Mousley is also interested in educating and helping the next generation of tradesmen in the construction industry. While there is a shortage of skilled labor, it's important to Mousley that he gives back to the industry in order to ensure the future of a strong housing industry.

"We offer coaching and best practices to our trade partners as well," said Mousley. "Because if they have a stronger business, we have a stronger partner."

But success doesn't come easy, according to Mousley, who says that the long-term benefits only come through hard work, careful planning and dedication.

"The remodeling business is a lot like physical fitness: You need to put in the work, have the discipline to follow a structure, and make improvements every day," Mousley said. "In the short term, progress is hard to see but, over the long term, the results will be unbelievable."

Read the full Q&A in Qualified Remodeler magazine for more details about Mousley’s tenure in the remodeling industry.

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