Recruit Your Way to Napa Valley


Returning as NAHB's exclusive membership sponsor, Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) is once again offering Builder members and their Affiliate members a chance to win a trip to Napa Valley, Calif. SKS will reward the nine members who sign up the most new* Builder and Associate members during the 2020 Fall Membership Drive period (Sept. 1 to Nov. 30, 2020).

Members will compete against others from HBAs in their size category. Each category will have a winner and two runners up. The three HBA categories are:

  • Small: 0–249 members­
  • Medium: 250–499 members
  • Large: 500+ members

Each winner, and one guest, will receive an all-inclusive trip to Napa Valley — home to fine wine, great food, fun outdoor activities and the Signature Kitchen Suite Experience and Design Center.

The Signature Kitchen Suite Experience and Design Center is an exclusive, 23,000-square-foot facility "showcasing the intersection between technology and culinary passion." The center gives visitors a "brand immersion experience," including cooking demonstrations using the latest smart-home appliances.

The dates of the four-day, three-night trip will be announced by SKS by Jan. 20, 2021. Airfare, meals, transportation and hotel accommodations will be included.

Set up your lead lists, know your HBA's benefits, and reach out to your business associates to invite them to become an HBA member. Your efforts may earn you a trip to one of the world's great destinations!

For more details about the competition, visit and for help with recruitment efforts, go to the HBA Resources page.

*New Builder and Associate members only. Membership renewals are not included.

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