National Lieutenant Governors Association Recognizes Importance of Housing in Economic Recovery


The National Lieutenant Governors Association issued a resolution recognizing that policymakers can help foster a housing-led economic recovery during its 2020 virtual annual meeting on July 29-30.

The resolution was co-sponsored by Lieutenant Govs. Mike Cooney (D-Mont.) and Matt Pinnell (R-Okla.).

"The construction of housing, whether rental properties or new homes, is vital to economic stability as our nation looks to rebuild from COVID-19," said Pinell. "The housing industry is a job creator, GDP grower, and overall vital part of our economic portfolio."

“Montanans and families across the country need an affordable place to call home now more than ever,” said Cooney. “Home builders are critical to responding to the ongoing affordable housing crisis that’s been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. I join lieutenant governors across the country in working toward policies that create more jobs and more affordable, quality homes, and recognize that building more affordable housing builds stronger communities.”

The resolution stated that the nation faces a shortfall of more than 1 million homes to affordably house residents and that home builders across the nation have moved swiftly to adopt new safety and health standard in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic so they can remain safely on the job and provide much-needed housing.

Per the resolution:

"The National Lieutenant Governors Association affirms that home construction must continue to be an integral aspect of the nation’s economic recovery.

"Be it further resolved that the National Lieutenant Governors Association recommends that as the nation continues to recover from the coronavirus-induced shutdown, state and local elected officials should support the housing sector by acting in a swift and responsible manner to approve permit applications, inspections, and closings to prevent unnecessary bottlenecks in the home building process.

"Be it further resolved that the National Lieutenant Governors Association believes that it is imperative local building departments receive proper funding so that builders and home buyers do not experience delays and increased fees that could worsen the current housing shortage and exacerbate the housing affordability crisis."

The full resolution can be viewed here.

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