IBS Exhibit Home Takes Renovations to Another Level


Advanced products and innovative building techniques can help transform an outdated home into a modern masterpiece. It also helps if the home’s original design presents the remodeler with a versatile canvas in which to work.

Such is the case for The New American Remodel® 2021: Originally built in 1973, the home featured a total of five levels, with a variety of angles and different ceiling heights, giving the overall home a very modern feel for that era.

Working with that unique design was what initially attracted Rob Smith, owner of E2 Homes, to take on the project. “This home has a lot of different [architectural] elements that you don’t really see in most new homes today. So, we were particularly excited to tackle the design aspects to make it more livable and accessible.”

Despite the original home’s innovative design, it significantly lacked in energy efficiency. Before renovations began, preliminary tests revealed the home had the poorest performance (a 147 HERS rating) of any of the original homes previously featured in The New American Remodel program.

The alarming inefficiencies only give Smith and his colleagues added motivation to showcase what the latest in building innovations can do to enhance performance. They also mean the 2021 remodeled home has the opportunity to set the program’s record for biggest improvement in efficiency.

“Our goal is to make this the most improved [New American Remodel] yet,” said Smith. “In addition to our focus on conservation and efficiency, [the home] will also generate power of its own, which will ultimately help us achieve net-zero status.”

The complete interior and exterior renovations will turn the original five levels into four, and add approximately 1,400 square feet of living space for a total of 5,474 square feet. The finished product will feature six bedrooms, six and a half baths, a showroom two-car garage, pool, wine room, and a courtyard with numerous indoor-outdoor living features.

Completion is expected in late October 2020, and the official unveiling will take place during the 2021 NAHB International Builders’ Show®, Feb. 9-11 in Orlando.

View a clip of the initial renovation phase here.

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