Remodeler of the Month: NAHB Remodelers is Like Family

Some remodelers began pursuing a career in the industry from a young age, while others may stumble upon it by chance and then succeed with flying colors. The latter is the case for Tim Lansford, CGA, CGB, CGP, CGR, CSP, GMB, CAPS, CMP, MIRM, a remodeler from Arlington, Texas, and NAHB's Remodeler of the Month for May. Early in his career, Lansford was between jobs and accepted a sales job at a fence staining company while looking for something that — he thought — would better suit his interests. However, he not only started to enjoy his job, he was making a solid income, too. That experience led him to eventually become a remodeler. Lansford attributes much of his success to NAHB and NAHB Remodelers. “Being part of NAHB Remodelers is sort of like having a lot of uncles and cousins who are also in the construction business,” said Lansford. “You can always pick up the phone and give them a call with a question or share wild stories. There is a wealth of knowledge from our members, and everyone is always willing to share their experiences.” As his career progressed and his company continued to grow, Lansford increasingly relied on his NAHB membership and the benefits it provides. “From a national level to a local level, they are a great group of people to have on your side.” Know a professional remodeler who takes remodeling to the next level? Nominate him or her for the NAHB Remodeler of the Month award.

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