HBA Outreach Tells Community: We’re Open for Business

Disaster Response

NAHB members and HBAs are taking steps to remind consumers that the home building industry is ready to serve the community as stay at home orders continue to be lifted. The Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines created a video public service announcement (PSA) to reinforce the message that the residential construction industry is open for business and is strictly adhering to local, state and industry safety standards.

Dan Knoup, executive officer of the HBA of Greater Des Moines, said the group decided to create a local video PSA, inspired in part by NAHB’s Looking Out for You video. The HBA has a rich archive of images and drone footage that captured the local community spirit.

Knoup credits the generosity of HBA members who stepped up to volunteer time and resources to create the PSA. The video took approximately 12 hours of production time. The collection of footage and photos, with varying audio and picture quality, was embraced by Knoup.

“The video does not come off as too polished or professional, giving it more of an authentic feel…the viewer doesn’t feel like they are watching another commercial.”

The HBA promoted the video on social media and sent a press release to local media. Members shared the video with their networks. The local CBS affiliate also shared the video on their Facebook page. The PSA received high praise from the community and HBA members. “Thanks for all you do to support the home industry and community DSMHBA!!!” wrote one Facebook commentator.

With zero marketing or production dollars the video generated more than 4,000 views (and counting).

Knoup encourages all NAHB members to reach out to their communities during this time in any capacity. “Don’t be afraid to try something new and different.” As the PSA states, “Our lives may have changed but we are adapting.”

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