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Access these marketing materials, including posters for ten different trades, to encourage careers in construction and management. Use them in guidance counselor offices, career centers and community centers; distribute them at college and career fairs; and promote them in your workplace.

Social Media Materials and Videos

Share these social media posts with your online communities to help spread the word about the impact of labor shortages in the housing industry as well as the rewarding careers the industry provides. In addition, download and share these social media ads promoting careers in construction.

Link to to share information about nine of the most popular residential construction trades with your community. The page includes wage data, videos to view and download, and information for job seekers.

Explore a Career in Construction

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Promoting Careers in the Skilled Trades

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Economic Reports and Studies

  • State Wage and Workforce Demand Data — Access state-specific data, including the annual average wages for 19 construction trades and the projected workforce demand by state and for the top 100 metro areas.
  • Construction Trades: A Step on the Path Toward Higher Paying Jobs — NAHB study discusses how hands-on experience in the construction trades can be a step on the path toward some of the higher paying positions in construction businesses, including executive positions.
  • Immigrant Workers in the Construction Labor Force — NAHB study shows how immigrant workers remain an important source of labor to the construction industry, particularly in some of the trades needed to build a home, like carpenters, painters, drywall/ceiling tile installers, brick masons, and construction laborers.


Customizable PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation includes a video and national wage data for the construction trades. You can customize this presentation with your state data or examples of local partnerships.


This series of posters will help promote residential construction careers at schools, career fairs, career exploration days, educational conferences and local community events.

Printing Instructions

  • To print the posters in your office, we recommend using the 8.5” x 11” PDF files to use as handouts.
  • For larger posters, we have provided separate high resolution PDF files that can be taken to a print shop to create posters that can be hung on a wall (22” x 28”) or used as banners at recruitment fairs (33” x 80”).


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Promoting Careers in Construction Management

Customizable Op-eds and Articles

Help policymakers understand the real-world impacts of the labor shortage issue by personalizing these sample op-eds with examples from your community.

NAHB has news articles you can customize and place in local newspapers, parade guides, magazines, newsletter or websites promoting the skilled trades. Articles are available in the “Promoting Home Builders and Trades” section on the consumer articles home buying page.

Talking Points

The Housing Industry is Hiring. During the pandemic, the home building and remodeling industry have remained relative bright spots for the overall economy. And, with residential construction deemed an essential business across the country during COVID-19, there were few layoffs in the construction sector.

Strong Earning Potential. The home building industry offers more than just another job, it is a pathway to earning a great salary. The top 25 percent in most construction trades professions earn at least $60,000 annually. Women in the construction industry earn 97 cents for every dollar a man earns, compared to 80 cents in other industries.

A Solid College Alternative. In the 2020-2021 school year, more than half of bachelor’s degree recipients from public and private nonprofit four-year colleges and universities graduated with debt and had an average debt level of $29,100, according to the College Board’s Trends in Student Aid 2022 report. The skilled trades offer an alternative to the 4-year college track without the burden of sky-high student loan debt.

A Variety of Training Programs Available. Home builders associations across the country can connect students to apprentice programs or other job training programs. The Home Builders Institute has a listing of programs available.

A Strong Sense of Accomplishment. Working in the trades brings a sense of satisfaction for completing high-quality work that contributes to home building and ultimately helping to fulfill the American Dream.

For additional messaging ideas, view the NAHBNow blog post 10 Reasons Why Parents Should Advocate For Skilled Trades Careers.

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