Stop the Elimination of Job Corps

Workforce Development

Contact Your Lawmakers Now and Tell Them to Fully Fund the Job Corps Program.

With 131 centers across all 50 states, Job Corps is the nation’s largest residential career training and education program for low-income young adults. Each year, the program prepares thousands of Americans for good-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree.

But a House appropriations subcommittee has voted to eliminate funding for the Job Corps program at a time when the program is needed now, more than ever.

You can help save this vital job training program by calling your lawmakers today at 202-225-3121.

A few key points to tell them why Job Corps is needed:

  • Job Corps helps tens of thousands of students each year learn vocational trade skills so they can achieve successful careers in construction and other industries.
  • Eliminating the Job Corps program will exacerbate the nation’s skilled labor shortage, raise construction costs and harm housing affordability.
  • Maintaining and fully funding Job Corps is critical in supporting American jobs and boosting the nation’s skilled workforce.

Job Corps Instructors Explain How the Program Changes Lives


Job Corps in Action The Home Builders Institute partners with Job Corps to provide critical career training in the construction trades to meet our nation's housing needs.