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Average National Wage: $49,350 | $23.73/hour

Whenever a home is built, nearly all of the interior and some of the exterior surfaces need to be painted to protect them from damage by water, mold and corrosion. Painting and maintaining painted surfaces improves the appearance and increases the value of a house.

In the painting trade you will learn to:

  • Prepare all types of surfaces — wood, drywall, plaster and masonry
  • Mix colors and use a tint machine
  • Apply paint, stain, clear finishes, sealants and fillers
  • Sand or waterblast
  • Use typical and airless spray equipment

Once you complete training, you have a variety of employment options:

  • Drywall contractors
  • Painting contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Residential contractors

Careers in the Trades: Painting