2012 I-Codes Adoption Kit

Contact: Gary Ehrlich
Director, Construction Codes & Standards
(202) 266-8545

The International Code Council’s (ICC) model building codes are released on a three-year cycle. When the codes are released, NAHB reviews and analyses them to offer suggested amendments designed to maintain a cost-effective building approach.

These are NAHB’s recommended amendments to the 2012 I-Codes as they are adopted at the state or local level.

Each recommended amendment is provided in a form that includes the code section and text to be amended, a reason statement and staff contact.

The recommendations are listed in the order they appear in the various ICC publications: None of the suggested amendments is written in order of preference, and each should be considered individually. Priorities differ from region to region, and HBAs should not hesitate to consider alternative code text that may be more appropriate for their jurisdiction.

Significant Changes to the 2012 I-Codes

This 2012 I-Code slide presentation provides an overview of the significant change from the 2006 I-Codes to the 2009 I-Codes and updates from the 2012 I-Codes.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the 2012 Energy Codes

Home Innovation Research Labs prepared a report for NAHB on the cost effectiveness of the 2012 IECC. The report’s objective was to analyze and quantify any construction and energy cost savings that result from a house compliant with the 2012 IECC compared to the 2009 and 2006 baseline IECC. Read the 2012 IECC Cost Effectiveness Analysis report.

Suggested Amendments

NAHB has analyzed the 2012 I-Codes and compiled suggested amendments to maintain cost-effective and affordable codes. NAHB has also prepared recommendations for amending the 2012 IECC. Each amendment is shown in legislative text (underline and strikethrough) and includes supporting reasons to explain why the jurisdiction should consider them.

2012 International Codes Suggested Amendments

IECC-Energy Code Adoption Kit