Rent Control

As many local and state governments pass mandates like rent control, HBAs are fighting to keep residential construction costs low and provide housing opportunities for all. NAHB’s State and Local Issues Fund (SLIF) continues to assist HBAs in conducting research, hiring consultants and executing various campaigns to combat rent control mandates.

Columbus Rent Control Campaign

BIA of Central Ohio (Columbus, Ohio)

Columbus, Ohio, residents placed a rent control measure on the ballot. The BIA and partners planned to fundraise to support an awareness campaign about the dangers of rent control to the industry. In addition to the campaign, SLIF funding will help the BIA work on statewide legislation banning rent control, conduct public opinion polling, create a messaging framework and support public relations activities.

Estimated project cost: $2.5 million

Funding request: $20,000

Chicago Affordable Housing Initiative (Inclusionary Zoning and Rent Control)

Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago (HBAGC)

To fight back against rent control and Chicago’s Affordable Requirements Ordinance, the HBAGC applied for SLIF funding to commission research on Chicago’s housing market to advocate for incentives over mandates.

Estimated project cost: $50,000+

Funding request: $20,000