Bringing Housing Home®

Bringing Housing Home
Contact: Karl Eckhart
VP, State & Local Government Affairs
(202) 266-8319

Special Message from NAHB Chairman Jerry Konter

In-District Meetings

NAHB’s Bringing Housing Home® is an opportunity for members to conduct in-district meetings with their U.S. representatives and senators. These meetings are key to strengthening relationships with lawmakers and to keep the housing industry as a priority in Congress. Please choose the meeting style that suits your local association and follow COVID-19 guidelines and protocols.

HBA executive officers are encouraged to schedule meetings with their representatives. If you are not able to schedule a visit during the official Bringing Housing Home® week, you can schedule meetings when your members are home during congressional recesses. Access the House and Senate calendars to see the dates of their in-district work weeks.

Schedule In-District Meetings

Invite your representatives to meet by contacting their district office. You can find their district contact information by visiting and and searching for your elected officials. Then you can use this letter template to schedule your meetings.

Prepare with Key Issues Brochure and Videos

Access the NAHB Legislative Priorities brochure to learn about the key issues to discuss at your meetings. You can print copies and bring them to your meetings. This is a low-resolution version for printing in your office. Please contact NAHB if you would like a high-resolution version for professional printing.

You can also view videos of NAHB's federal lobbyists explaining the key issues. Watch the videos.

Consult NAHB’s Lobbying Tips to help you prepare for your meetings.

Follow Up with NAHB Government Affairs

Let your NAHB Government Affairs contact person know once you have your meetings scheduled. You can also request a member of NAHB’s Government Affairs team to attend your meeting. Please contact NAHB with any questions.

Key Issue Videos The NAHB Government Affairs team explains the priorities to discuss in your meetings.
Promote the Meetings Share this informational flyer about Bringing Housing Home® with NAHB members.
Tell Congress to Oppose the FAIR Act Talking points about why predispute arbitration agreements are cost-effective way to resolve disputes.