Solar PV and Interconnection to the Grid

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Solar grid Interconnection concept

A key aspect of installing solar photovoltaics (PV) involves connecting the system to the local utility grid, also known as interconnection. This means that if there is a power outage, that a house with solar panels will also be affected and not receive power until the outage is fixed. To ensure safety of utility workers when this happens, the solar PV system will shut off automatically.

  • Solar Interconnection Process

    Depending on the solar PV system size and the efficiency of the local utility to process applications for renewable energy systems, the interconnection process could take several weeks to several months. Understand the different steps and research tools necessary to complete the process.

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  • Local Utility Solar Policies

    It is important to check what energy loads the home consumes or may consume, as utilities may or may not allow an interconnection if the solar production exceeds the annual electric consumption of the building. Learn what other incentives may be available as well if the solar system exceeds the home's needs.

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