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Contact: Marcus Williams

The Retail Affiliate Program provides additional services to your members while generating additional revenue for your association. We have created the Retail Affiliate Toolkit to help you easily use and promote the program. The toolkit includes the following assets:

BuilderBooks Retail Affiliate Program Overview

Join the more than 360 HBAs participating in the program.

Program Benefits

  • Additional revenue for your association
  • Increased traffic and visibility for your website and your association
  • Enhanced HBA website value for your members
  • Low-maintenance program


As a BuilderBooks Retail Affiliate, you receive a referral fee — 10% of all qualifying revenue generated one of two ways:

  1. Someone makes a purchase from BuilderBooks after clicking on a link from your site that includes your Retail Affiliate Code; or
  2. Directly from the BuilderBooks website when your HBA is chosen as the source during the checkout process.

When you sign up for the program, you will receive a unique Retail Affiliate Code. Include this code as part of any URL on your website that links to a BuilderBooks product. Sales are then tracked from that “tagged” link.

Referral fees are processed annually and royalty checks are distributed in March of the subsequent year. However, if the fees payable to you are less than $20 for any calendar year, we will hold payment until the total amount due is at least $20 or more.

Start Earning Today

This is a great opportunity for your association to share in the revenue! Get started right away by signing up.

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Retail Affiliate Storefront Program

The Retail Affiliate Storefront Program gives your HBA an opportunity to promote the essential publications needed to manage a builder’s business directly on your website with a coded link to

The Association Bookstore Program is linked to the NAHB BuilderBooks website and allows state and local associations to set up/upload your very own Bookstore with the use of your association “unique” code and link.

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Association Library Program

The Association Library Program allows HBAs to be a source of information for their members by having the books on hand at their association. Here at NAHB BuilderBooks, we receive calls from state and local associations requesting information found in many of our published titles.

Our recommendation is to set up an in-house library.

With a Pre-Packaged Association Library, associations have quick answers to questions members might have on topics such as:

  • Accounting & Estimating
  • Business Management
  • Codes, Regulations & Legal Issues
  • Construction Management
  • Customer Service
  • 55+ Housing
  • Green Building
  • Land Development
  • Safety
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Home Buyer/Home Owner

Associations who already have libraries include Carteret County HBA, Treasure Cost HBA, Greater Atlanta HBA and HBA of Billings, Inc., HBA of Greater Tulsa, just to name a few.

The Pre-Packaged Association Library gives HBA a 50% discount off the retail price of selected titles published by NAHB BuilderBooks. So, for under $1,000 plus shipping and handling, you can build an in-house wealth of knowledge for your members.

Download Item: Association Library Product List + Order Form (MS Excel)

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Benefit: Your Members Save an Additional 10%

NAHB Contracts is a subscription service that allows your members to access legal contracts in a “cloud-based” environment. The contracts are flexible, affordable, and are available 24/7. The most popular purchase option is the “Annual Subscription Unlimited” which provides unlimited access to all the contracts offered on the website. Please add this link: when uploading the contracts logo to your website.

Discount for Your Members

For including the logo and link on your website, we’re offering your members an additional 10% off. Use discount code RETAIL10.*

*Note: Your members automatically receive the member discount when purchasing the contract subscriptions. This is an additional incentive to your members on behalf of your association participating in the BuilderBooks Retail Affiliate Program.

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Print Ads for Magazines and Newsletters

These prints ad can be placed in your association newsletters and magazines, printed materials and as standalone flyers.

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Banner Ads

These banner ads are another way to promote BuilderBooks’ most popular titles on your HBA website.

Please be sure to attach your unique Retail Affiliate Code to the URLs for each banner ad, as this is the only way to have your sales properly tracked.

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We’ve created emails templates so you can you easily inserted your unique code into the copy and send it to your distribution list.

How to Use the Email Templates
Download the Word document by clicking the link below. The highlighted text within the document should be hyperlinked with the book’s URL, including your unique code. Please be sure to use your affiliate code for the hyperlinks within the body of each email. This is the only way to have your sales properly tracked. Once you have inserted the URLs, cut and paste the text into your email and send to your desired distribution list.

Download Item: BuilderBooks Email Templates

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If your HBA uses Twitter as a communications channel with members, the templated tweets can be an effective way to promote your BuilderBooks Affiliate links.

How to Use the Twitter Templates
Download the Word document by clicking the link below. You will need to add the book’s URL to the tweet. Adding your URL to the tweet may cause the copy to be more than 140 characters. Please use a URL shortening mechanism to ensure the tweet copy and URL are included in the tweet, as your sales needs to be properly tracked in order for you to receive credit for your sales. Once your tweet meets the 140 character requirement, you can copy and paste the text to create a tweet.

Download Item: BuilderBooks Tweets Templates

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Marketing Assets

BuilderBooks print marketing assets include the Publication & Education Guide, NAHB Contracts Postcard & the ProEst Software Postcard. If you would like to have these assets to distribute at your meetings and conferences, please download and complete the Request Form.

Download Item: 2018 BuilderBooks Catalog Request Form

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Get Rewarded for your Efforts
Earn a $100 Visa Gift Card Today!

At the end of each quarter, you will receive an email to submit proof of completion of promotional activities.

To qualify for the drawing, you must earn a minimum of 20 points. The three Executive Officers with the most points each quarter will each win a $100 Visa gift card.

Image shows six promotional activities and their points value.


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NAHB serves the entire home building, development and remodeling industry.

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