Resolutions Process

Contact: Marc Daniels
Program Manager, Housing Finance

Leadership Council Sets Policy

The NAHB Leadership Council is responsible for setting the policy of the association. As directed by the NAHB Bylaws, all resolutions and recommendations to be considered by the Leadership Council must be proposed by a current NAHB delegate and should be submitted for distribution 30 days prior to a meeting. This timeframe provides delegates, local HBAs and association leaders with drafts of proposed resolutions before the meeting to ensure the fullest possible discussion of policy proposals at the grassroots level and to encourage greater participation among delegates during the policy review process.

A resolution or recommendation submitted without the 30 days advance notice can still be considered but must pass by a two-thirds vote.

The full resolution should be emailed or mailed to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, through Marc Daniels at NAHB.

NAHB Policies View the policy resolutions that have been adopted by the Leadership Council.