Health Care Reform


Resolved that NAHB urge the Administration and Congress to create an environment which will encourage, support and provide incentives to our free enterprise system through a market-based approach to health care reform that will:

  1. Provide universal access to health insurance for legal residents, rather than guaranteed/mandated coverage,
  2. Improve access to health care at the individual level by providing a refundable tax credit for health expenses for low- and moderate income Americans, permanently increase the tax deduction for health insurance costs of the self-employed from 25 percent to 100 percent; and promote tax-deferred individual medical savings Individual Retirement Accounts (“Medisave” accounts).
  3. Enact meaningful medical malpractice reforms,
  4. Promote cost containment,
  5. Preserve existing association-sponsored health programs as viable mechanisms for pooling risks and increasing the market leverage of small employers, and

Further resolved that NAHB reaffirm is strong opposition to:

  1. Any attempt to reclassify independent contractors as employees for the purpose of mandating health care coverage,
  2. Any attempt to change the treatment of Subchapter S and partnership income to increase taxes to pay for health care,
  3. Broad employer mandate as the vehicle to provide health insurance/universal coverage to all employees,
  4. Federal control of the state-based workers’ compensation system.
Resolution originally adopted: 1994.1, Resolution No. 8A

Committee with primary jurisdiction:

  • Federal Government Affairs Committee
Full Resolution The full text of this resolution is available for download