Housing Affordability

Housing Programs
Resolved that NAHB urge Congress and the Executive Branch to place the highest priority on the 1949 National Housing Act, which states “that the general welfare and security of the nation requires the realization as soon as feasible of the goal of a decent home and suitable living environment for every American family.” 

Further resolved that NAHB urge state and local governments to acknowledge the societal responsibility for fostering housing affordability, to create an environment that preserves and produces affordable homes for all residents, to assess financial impacts of their regulation on housing affordability and to provide resources to fill the gap between production costs and housing consumers’ ability to pay.

Further resolved that NAHB urge Congress and the Executive Branch to adopt a proactive role in achieving the 1949 mandate by increasing federal housing funds and programs, including block grants to state and local governments.

Further resolved that NAHB urge Congress and the Executive Branch to reduce existing funding levels under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program and like kind federal programs to those states and local communities that fail to proactively reduce the regulatory burdens on the production of affordable housing or fail to increase the stock of affordable housing.

Further resolved that NAHB urge the business community to join in the effort to improve housing affordability so that it may attract and employ workers within the community in which they live and work.

Further resolved that NAHB recognize that society as a whole has the responsibility to provide affordable housing and that NAHB oppose efforts to place the sole responsibility upon the home building industry and the consumers of new housing.

Further resolved that NAHB will host a symposium on housing affordability that will unite the efforts of federal, state and local governments; private businesses; and non-profit organizations to improve housing affordability by developing practical solutions and urging their adoption.

Resolution originally adopted: 2007.2, Resolution No. 1

Committee with primary jurisdiction:

  • Housing Finance Committee
  • Federal Government Affairs Committee
Full Resolution The full text of this resolution is available for download