Federal Anti-Poverty and Economic Mobility Initiatives

Housing Programs

Resolved that the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) encourage the federal government to seek strategic partnerships that offer meaningful opportunities for tenants who are receiving federal rental subsidies, and are able to work, to receive job-training, social skill building or employment case management from qualified providers of such services; and

Further resolved that NAHB oppose policies that impose work requirements as a condition of rental assistance, place time limits on rental assistance, or other similar “welfare-reform” policies that:

  • Unduly burden assisted residents;
  • Subject rental housing owners and managers to adverse unintended consequences, unfunded financial mandates and/or increased administrative burdens; or
  • Place responsibility for creating, implementing or enforcing such policies on rental housing owners and/or managers.

Resolution originally adopted: 2015.7, Resolution No. 2

Committees of jurisdiction:

  • Housing Finance Committee
  • Multifamily Council Board of Trustees
Full Resolution The full text of this resolution is available for download