HUD Project Based Section 8 Contract Administration Policy

Housing Finance

Resolved that the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) support legislative and regulatory measures that enable HUD to award Performance-Based Contract Administration (PBCA) contracts that are not subject to procurement laws or regulations;

Be it further resolved that with respect to the Section 8 PBCA Program (or any successor contract administration program), NAHB urge HUD and/or Congress to:

  • Provide an opportunity for public comments on the scope of duties, timeframes, and design of the PBCA program;
  • Ensure that both HUD and the PBCA have the necessary number of trained staff with the proper skillsets to administer the Section 8 PBRA HAP contracts properly and effectively with timely follow-up to property owners and managers;
  • Award at least one PBCA contract per U.S. state or territory;
  • Permit incumbent PBCAs that have performed well to compete for new contracts;
  • Clarify that having financial interests in a project‐based Section 8 property would not, in and of itself, constitute a disqualifying conflict of interest for an incumbent or potential PBCA from serving as a PBCA in the region where the property is located; and
  • Provide a 12‐month transition between incumbent PBCAs and successor PBCAs; and ensure that in no case should the transition be less than 180 days.

Resolution originally adopted: 2023.6 No. 3 HUD Project Based Section 8 Contract Administration Policy

Committee with primary jurisdiction: Housing Finance

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