Home Environment

This resolution calls on NAHB to:

  1. Support efforts to provide members, the public, and the media with comprehensive and accurate information about mold.

  2. Support research on the potential health effects of mold exposure in indoor environments that will lead to scientifically sound and reliable data.

  3. Support additional research into construction practices, building materials, building design, and occupant practices to identify factors associated with mold growth in indoor environments.

  4. Oppose legislative and/or regulatory action concerning mold that is not based upon scientifically sound and reliable data, that does not include regional flexibility, and that imposes requirements that are not cost-effective, technically achievable, and attainable.

  5. Oppose legislation and/or regulations requiring overly broad mold-related disclosure requirements in the sale of homes and/or the lease of rental units that might confuse consumers or expose sellers and lessors to unpredictable and unreasonable liability.

  6. Oppose unreasonable denial of mold coverage by insurance companies.

  7. Support laws, regulations, and policies that will ensure that adequate insurance coverage for mold claims is available to builders, contractors, remodelers, multifamily owners and managers, and consumers at an affordable cost.

Resolution originally adopted: 2002.6, Resolution No. 2

Committee with primary jurisdiction:

  • Building Product Issues Committee
Full Resolution The full text of this resolution is available for download