Telecommunications Access, Marketing and Billing

General Government and Economic Policy

Resolved that NAHB support mutually agreed-upon contractual arrangements between owners and video service providers that create value for the owner, the service provider and the occupant.

Further resolved that the federal government should not restrict the ability of builders, developers and owners to enter into “bulk billing” or “exclusive marketing” contracts with video service providers, where they enhance the probability that a provider will expand service or that consumers may be able to be served at lower prices.

Further resolved that federal regulations should not impair incentives that may be necessary to bring service to any unserved residential markets.

Further resolved that NAHB staff is authorized to oppose regulations that would impair the freedom of owners, builders or developers to make video and telecommunications contracts that are necessary to provide desirable services to occupants at affordable prices.

Resolution originally adopted: 2008.2, Resolution No. 6

Committee with primary jurisdiction:

  • Multifamily Council Board of Trustees
  • Federal Government Affairs Committee
Full Resolution The full text of this resolution is available for download