Industry Access to Building Materials

General Government and Economic Policy

Resolved that NAHB will work with the U.S. government, the governments of other countries and industry to promote additional opportunities for NAHB members to obtain access to high-quality, stable and affordable supplies of lumber and other key building materials.

Further resolved that NAHB will investigate ways in which it can be of assistance in encouraging competition in the U.S. marketplace among building material suppliers and building material industries.

Further resolved that NAHB urge Congress and the Administration to eliminate all artificial economic trade barriers that discourage the use of imported or alternative building materials in the U.S. marketplace.

Further resolved that NAHB will investigate ways in which it can help its members obtain information on, and access to, alternative building materials and new technologies that will provide consumers with more affordable housing through a wider variety of choices in building materials.

Resolution originally adopted: 2006.9, Resolution No. 7

Committee with primary jurisdiction:

  • Construction Liability
  • Risk Management, and Building Materials Committee
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