Brownfields Redevelopment


Resolved that the National Association of Home Builders support efforts by Congress and the Administration that:

  1. Support existing state Voluntary Cleanup Programs (VCPs) that address all pollutants commonly found at brownfield sites; permit the use of affordable clean-up standards that are proportional to the level of pollution on the site and the end use of the property; recognize a balance between the cost of clean-up and the value of the property; and offer liability protections for innocent landowners or prospective purchasers who did not cause the contamination;
  2. Bar comprehensive federal enforcement against eligible developers or builders who are enrolled in and successfully completing a site cleanup plan under the oversight of an existing state VCP; and
  3. Foster the development by the Environmental Protection Agency of regulations and policies that clarify how developers and builders can clean up brownfield sites contaminated by pollutants not eligible under the federal brownfields law e.g., properties contaminated with low levels of polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB); and

Also resolved that NAHB support economic incentives at both the state and federal levels, such as federal tax credits, grants and low interest “revolving loans,” to encourage brownfields redevelopment and defray the costs of environmental remediation.

Resolution originally adopted: 2007.6, Resolution No. 5

Committees with primary jurisdiction:

  • Environmental Issues Committee
Full Resolution The full text of this resolution is available for download