Home Energy Labeling

Energy and Green Building

Resolved that the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) support the voluntary use of energy labels and other efforts to encourage the disclosure of energy information to homeowners and home buyers;

Further resolved that, in an effort to ensure the availability of multiple labeling options that are appropriately comparable, NAHB urge the development or reorganization of existing programs, with industry input, of voluntary uniform labeling guidelines that take into account established energy codes, address liability issues, recognize the greater energy efficiency of newly constructed homes and integrate with and complement nationally accepted rating certifications, such as the Home Innovation National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Certification Program.

Further resolved, to ensure added value is given to certified energy efficient new homes and remodeled existing homes, NAHB support education of appraisers to better understand energy efficient homes and the value of third party certification.

Resolution originally adopted: 2013/06, No. 2

Committees with primary jurisdiction:

  • Construction, Codes & Standards Committee
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