Electrification of the Housing Sector

Energy and Green Building

Resolved, that the National Association Home Builders (NAHB) supports incentive-based, voluntary electrification, and opposes unnecessary and costly mandates, including electrification only mandates;

Further resolved that NAHB only supports the voluntary electrification of residential buildings if the entity considering the electrification policy:

  1. Preserves consumer choice and considers consumer acceptance of an all-electric home;
  2. Ensures that the existing housing stock is addressed; and
  3. Develops economic incentives to offset the costs of electrifying buildings through methods such as rebates, tax incentives, favorable mortgage financing terms, utility rate structure, etc.

Further resolved that NAHB urge Congress, State legislatures, and local governments to support the efficient use of fossil fuels;

Further resolved that NAHB urge the development and adoption of property appraisal methods that recognize the attributes of electrified homes and include utility costs in the calculations for mortgage qualification;

Further resolved that NAHB monitor, support and assist the state and local HBAs, when requested, in working with their policymakers to oppose electrification mandates or adopt electrification policies that fit their local needs; and

Further resolved that NAHB commit to educating policymakers, consumers, and the industry (builders, designers, remodelers, realtors, appraisers, and lenders) on the performance and positives and negatives of electrification in order to inform policy decisions and consumer choice.

Resolution originally adopted: 2021.1, Resolution No. 3

Committee of jurisdiction: Environmental Issues Committee

Full Resolution The full text of this resolution is available for download.