Electric Vehicles

Energy and Green Building

Resolved that the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) only support the voluntary and cost-effective expansion of electric vehicles (EV) use and the voluntary pre-wiring of homes for future EV charger installation;

Further resolved that NAHB urge Congress and the Administration to take a comprehensive approach to encouraging the expansion of EV infrastructure by considering the potential effects of various EV policies on local economies and all housing types;

Further resolved that NAHB urge federal, state and local governments, utilities and the finance, insurance and real estate industries to facilitate the increase in EV use by:

  1. Assisting in establishing market-driven initiatives to facilitate the transition to EV;
  2. Ensuring there is a sufficient supply of electricity and infrastructure to meet the demand;
  3. Creating grant and low-interest loan programs, tax credits, rebates or other funding mechanisms or incentives to assist existing home owners, multifamily operators and existing communities managed by Homeowner Associations or their equivalent to retrofit their homes and communities to use EVs;
  4. Creating grants, tax credits, rebates or other incentives for home builders and community developers who provide EV infrastructure;
  5. Creating grants, tax credits, rebates insurance discounts, auto loan interest rate reductions or other incentives for consumers and fleet owners to convert to EVs;
  6. Recognizing the added value of EV charging capability in appraisals; and
  7. Addressing the impacts of EV infrastructure on housing affordability, especially in low income communities.

Further resolved that NAHB support a federal framework that recognizes local decision making regarding the installation and maintenance of EV infrastructure, and urge state and local governments to encourage/incentivize the installation of community-based EV infrastructure by providing offsets, density bonuses and/or other credits to builders and developers for providing EV infrastructure;

Further resolved that NAHB work with utilities to:

  1. Create pricing structures that facilitate business interest in increasing the availability of high-powered charging stations, and reward off peak charging;
  2. Deploy utility networks and private/public partnerships to create the convenient, accessible and affordable fast-charging public infrastructure needed to facilitate widespread adoption of EVs; and
  3. Continue the transition to more renewable energy generation sources to meet the increased demand for electrical power that EVs will require.

Further resolved that, recognizing EV investments and expansion plans are in their early stages, NAHB continue to monitor and evaluate the progress of EV acceptance/ adoption and trends in EV infrastructure deployment and update this policy, as needed.

Resolution originally adopted: 2021.10, Resolution No. 3a

Committee with primary jurisdiction: Climate Change Taskforce

Full Resolution The full text of this resolution is available for download.