Support for a Single Set of Building Codes

Construction and Codes

Resolved that NAHB support a single coordinated set of national model building codes for jurisdictions choosing to adopt a building code that provides for:

  1. Responsible code development procedures as reflected by the current procedures of the International Code Council;
  2. Appropriate levels of voting representation by NAHB nominees on code development committees; and
  3. A user-friendly, stand-alone residential building code that includes housing affordability as a major determinant in its development, as currently represented by the International Residential Code.

Further resolved that NAHB will continue to support the adoption of state-enabling legislation that:

  1. Calls for the creation of state-wide codes based on a coordinated set of national model building codes developed in accordance with the criteria stated above;
  2. Allows state-wide amendments to the model codes to account for jurisdictional differences or to enhance housing affordability by providing cost-effective requirements to provide for the health and safety of the occupants of homes; and
  3. Creates statewide minimum-maximum code requirements by recommending that there be no local amendments, which make the code more restrictive or housing less affordable; and

Further resolved that NAHB will continue to oppose any building code or building code provision that is detrimental to the goal of providing decent, safe and affordable housing and that does not include jurisdictional flexibility.

Resolution originally adopted: 2003.5, Resolution No. 8

Committee with primary jurisdiction:
  • Construction, Codes & Standards Committee
Full Resolution The full text of this resolution is available for download