Low-Cost Fire Sprinklers

Construction and Codes

Resolved that NAHB reaffirm its existing policy opposing mandating the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sprinkler systems in dwellings scoped in the 2006 International Residential Code (IRC) (one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses not more than three stories in height with their own means of egress), because it has not been demonstrated that residential sprinkler systems can meet, at a minimum, the following conditions:

  1. Significantly reduce the initial installation cost of the system versus current NFPA sprinkler systems,
  2. Enhance the safety of occupants without a significant reduction in housing affordability,
  3. Reduce the substantial costs associated with connecting to public water systems or providing water storage/delivery systems for homes not connected to public water,
  4. Address freezing concerns and provide low-cost solutions for homes in colder climates,
  5. Provide simplified design, installation and inspection requirements that significantly reduce the associated costs,
  6. Minimize the maintenance of the installed system required of home owners,
  7. Relieve builders of legal liability for malfunctions or failures, and
  8. Address insurance industry rate increases, policy exceptions or policy denials for sprinkler system malfunctions or failures.

Resolution originally adopted: 2006.9, Resolution No. 4

Committee with primary jurisdiction:

  • Construction, Codes & Standards Committee
Full Resolution The full text of this resolution is available for download