International Code Council - cdp ACCESS Remote Voting Program

Construction and Codes

Resolved that the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) support the concept of the International Code Council (ICC) cdp ACCESS / Remote Voting Program and support its inclusion as a part of the ICC code development process provided:

  1. Appropriate safeguards are established to ensure remote voting will be conducted in a manner that will prevent and prohibit the stacking of votes by individuals or groups;
  2. ICC publishes and makes public a current list of the names of all eligible ICC governmental member voting representatives, including primary governmental member voting representatives, prior to any Public Comment Hearing(s);
  3. ICC takes appropriate steps to ensure every registered governmental member and his/her voting representative meets the requirements for eligibility to vote as outlined in ICC council policy;
  4. The information and testimony provided to all remote voting members by ICC is limited tohat which was presented during the on-site Public Comment Hearing(s);
  5. The technology used to expand participation to remote locations is secure, validated and will prevent fraud and manipulation of the code development process;
  6. The final vote count for each proposal is published within 14 days of the vote and results are sub-categorized by jurisdiction;
  7. ICC specifically prohibits any discussion on the ICC website and the remote participant platform regarding any proposed code changes during the remote voting period and proactively monitors and polices these outlets;
  8. ICC systematically reviews its existing policies to determine if and how the cdp ACCESS / Remote Voting Program may impact or be impacted by these policies and make any appropriate revisions to address inconsistencies or issues; and
  9. The remote voting process does not limit the ability of organizations to file appeals based on actions that are thought to violate the processes or procedures established under the ICC Council Policies associated with code development.

Further resolved that NAHB continue to support the ICC code development process provided the inclusion of remote voting preserves the integrity and transparency of the current code development process and does not diminish the governmental consensus process that purposely leaves the final determination in the hands of public safety officials who have no vested financial or personal interest in the outcome of proposed code changes.

Resolution originally adopted: 2013.6, Resolution No. 1

Committee with primary jurisdiction:

  • Construction, Codes & Standards Committee
Full Resolution The full text of this resolution is available for download