Video Toolbox Talks

Video Toolbox Talks are short videos and accompanying handouts that present relevant and timely information on safety hazards in the residential construction industry. Each Video Toolbox Talk explains how to recognize, abate, and prevent construction specific safety hazards through the use of techniques including best industry practices and OSHA regulatory requirements. These videos were developed in conjunction with the Job-Site Safety Institute and National Housing Endowment.


Safety Basics for Construction Workers

Working in construction can be dangerous: employees can be exposed to hazards such as falls, powered and heavy equipment, and harmful chemicals. Before you step on the jobsite, be familiar with the basic safety hazards and understand how to protect yourself. Safety Basics (English and Spanish)

Trabajar en la construcción puede ser peligroso: los empleados pueden estar expuestos a peligros como caídas, equipo pesado y motorizado y productos químicos nocivos. Antes de llegar al lugar de trabajo, familiarícese con los peligros básicos de seguridad y comprenda cómo protegerse. Safety Basics (English and Spanish)