Small Lot Template


NAHB worked with EPA to reduce the time and expense it takes small builders to complete the stormwater permitting process.

How Does the Template Work?

EPA’s Small Lot SWPPP Template breaks the compliance process down to a series of check-box options for sites under one acre within larger subdivisions.

States with similar Small Lot SWPPP Templates

The EPA Small Lot SWPPP Template above only applies where EPA issues NPDES stormwater permits (generally, the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Idaho and New Mexico as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico). However, the following states have developed SWPPP templates for small lot builders that are similar to EPA’s template. Make sure to read the state’s general permit before completing the template.

NAHB Resources:

This graphic explains the major pieces of the template, where it applies, and whom to contact at NAHB to get more information on adopting a Small Lot SWPPP Template tailored to your state.