Housing in the Election News

Housing is a key component of the economy, which is primary issue for the 2024 election cycle. With a nationwide shortage of roughly 1.5 million housing units, housing affordability crisis is a top national concern, and Americans want action.

See how news outlets across the country are covering this topic, including housing affordability concerns and what voters want.

Latest Housing Election News

Trump pivots on zoning, now calls it ‘a killer’ in push for more housing supply
(Washington Examiner, July 18, 2024)

US voters press Congress candidates to fix housing crisis
(Reuters, July 2, 2024)

Housing prices are at record highs, but Biden and Trump largely skipped over the issue at the debate*
(MarketWatch, June 28, 2024)

The first 2024 presidential debate was light on housing news*
(HousingWire, June 27, 2024)

As millions struggle with home prices, housing becomes a top issue for voters
(NPR, June 24, 2024)

What The Housing Market Could Look Like If Donald Trump Wins The 2024 Presidential Election
(Yahoo Finance, June 19, 2024)

Could housing be the sleeper issue of 2024?
(Washington Post, June 11, 2024)

Affordable housing top of mind for Gen Z this election
(Spectrum News, June 11, 2024)

Housing prices in swing states can impact the election, experts say
(Fox Business, May 29, 2024)

California's housing crisis is hitting Nevada hard. Could that help Trump win a crucial state?*
(LA Times, April 9, 2024)

As homeless crisis grows, states and cities are turning to voters for affordable housing*
(USA Today, March 29, 2024)

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