New and Existing Home Sales Reports

Construction Statistics

NAHB compiles annual, quarterly and monthly (not seasonally adjusted) data for new and existing homes. Additional information is also available in the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent press release and the methodology of its data compilation.

Analyzing regional sales reports provides revealing comparisons of the number of new and existing homes sold within each of the four primary regions of the U.S. This report also details the number of new homes for sale in each region.

Tracking nationwide sales and inventory levels offers key insights about current market conditions and future housing demand. These reports can also serve as early indicators of economic shifts, often triggering changes in consumer behavior.

Arguably the most significant factor for consumers is price. The median prices report provides a month-by-month account of nationwide sales prices and the percent change from the previous month.

Regional Sales Report
Nationwide Sales and Inventory
Median Prices Report