A house on a green grass

NAHB Sustainability Toolkit

Sustainability and Green Building

Throughout the country, the number of green and high performance homes has been steadily increasing. More and more builders use sustainable building technologies and construction techniques.

This toolkit is designed to equip and support builders and remodelers choosing sustainability or who want to learn more. It includes a wide variety of educational materials as well as information about national green building programs.

The toolkit includes:

  • Single-family, multifamily and remodeling case studies that showcase different ways builders have successfully certified homes for their clients.
  • An assortment of high-performance educational videos for both builders and potential home buyers.
  • A series of infographics that illustrate high-performance building trends over the past several years.
  • Reports that compare and contrast different national green building programs for HBAs and their members to decide which program(s) best meets their needs if they are choose to certify a home.
  • Access to online courses which allow home building industry professionals to have access to high performance education at any time they may want it.
  • PowerPoint presentations of varying lengths that summarize the results of the SmartMarket Report "Green Single Family and Multifamily Homes 2020" for members and HBAs to tailor to best reach their target audience(s).

The toolkit also includes items for NAHB members and HBAs only, including:

  • A collection of sustainability checklists that allow builders, remodelers, design professionals and land developers to quickly assess their projects and determine just how far away from green certification they may be.
  • A set of best practices for any HBA that may want to create a state or local High Performance committee or council.