Utah Valley Parade of Homes

HBA Awards

HBA: Utah Valley Home Builders Association

Category: Revenue

Location: Vineyard, Utah

Size: Local Association: 601+ members

Year: 2022

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes showcases the talent of the home builders and the industries they support through development, construction, and innovative ideas. The HBA aims to promote this highly anticipated annual event to ensure it profits the community and helps to stimulate the economy. Proceeds from the Parade go directly back to the community through scholarships and charitable programs. In 2022, the HBA had 24 homes and sold 35,438 tickets to visitors from 46 states. The event generated $951,521 in revenue, the HBA’s second-highest-grossing Parade.

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes has garnered the attention of attendees worldwide, with 108 tickets in 2022 sold outside the U.S. The HBA begins taking applications for the following year’s Parade as early as August. A PR firm handled media promotion, a rendered artist for their magazine for virtual content, and a social media marketer to promote video clips. Each builder also receives professional photographs of their home to promote the show. The HBA also includes the virtual Parade as part of the Parade of Homes, which provides 360-degree photography and videography. The HBA aims to make the Parade a premier community event, which has only grown more popular by word of mouth.