The Ohana Aina Project

HBA Awards

HBA: BIA of Hawaii

Category: Membership

Location: Waipahu, Hawaii

Size: Local Association: 201-600 members

Year: 2022

In 2022 and 2023, the BIA of Hawaii worked with its members to build a home for an indigenous Hawaiian family in need. Education and event registrations, sponsorships, and donations from members will translate into a significant process toward financial solvency. The project represents the vision for showcasing a particular time when members work together to support the association in its time of need. text and keep as first paragraph for project description

This project invites the entire industry to be part of the HBA’s project with four goals at the forefront: to build a home for an ‘Ohana (family) in need, to showcase the industry, to offer insight into the building process for skilled workers and learners, and to form lasting relationships with members, partners, and sponsors for association longevity. Revenue goals are related to education (pre-apprenticeship certification training graduates), events (pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction phase events such as sponsored site visits and a ticketed VIP showing), and in-kind sponsorships (the dollar value of labor/materials contributed to the building project through as cash to the association) in a total net revenue of approximately $250,000 to the BIA of Hawaii. The association also is creating collaboration and activation of its members.