Virginia Volume Builders Council

State Association

HBA: Home Builders Association of Virginia

Category: Membership

Location: Richmond, VA

Size: State Association

Year: 2022

The Virginia Volume Builders Council (VBC) was established to give Virginia’s largest volume home builders visibility into state level industry issues of concern and an organization through which public policy can be influenced. The council also increases the association’s advocacy effectiveness. Prior to the council, the largest home builders in the state were members of locals, but did not participate at the State level, leaving a noticeable void. The council has grown to 23 members in 2023 and grew by 35% in 2022. These home builders together produced over 9,000 single family homes in Virginia, an estimated 42% of all single-family home starts in the state.

The HBA’s goal was to attract 20 home builder members to join the council by the year 2023. These members would contribute to the greater good of the industry and association with their industry expertise, strategic partnerships, financial contributions, and participation at local, state, and national HBA meetings and events. In addition to home builder members, the VBC now allows associate members to join the council as annual sponsors, allowing them the unique opportunity to build relationships throughout the year. In 2022, the VBC dues made up 13% of the HBA’s total annual budget. This allowed the HBA to increase advocacy effectives, leading to significant legislative and regulatory victories for all members and home buyers without having to consider a statewide dues increase. In 2022, the council had seven organized programs that included four meetings and three business development networking opportunities.