HBAV 400 Spring Membership Drive

HBA Awards

HBA: HBA of Virginia

Category: Membership

Location: Richmond, Va.

Size: State Association

Year: 2022

In April 2022, the HBA of Virginia held a NASCAR-themed membership drive focused on retaining and recruiting members. The drive was born to aid the 13 local HBAs across the state in improving the overall membership base by focusing on recruitment and retention. Local HBA’s raced to complete 400 laps — the first to 400 won. Seven of the 13 participating locals achieved but surpassed their membership drive goals. The drive brought in 142 new members and 340 membership renewals in April.

The purpose of the drive was to expand the HBA of Virginia’s reach, increase resources, and broaden the association’s impact. The HBA also set up the membership drive to help stabilize and grow each local HBA’s membership, impacting statewide members and their engagement. The fun and engaging theme gave each local HBA a racecar to follow along the track throughout the month, encouraging participation and driving competition amongst members. Not only did the drive increase membership but there was an increase in membership engagement statewide. On top of growing membership, the HBAV wanted to recognize and highlight local HBAs’ success and hard work throughout Virginia.