Emerging Leaders Council

Association Excellence Awards

HBA: Building Industry Association of Northern Kentucky

Category: Membership

Location: Erlanger, KY

Size: Local Association: 201-600 members

Year: 2022

In 2022, the BIA of Northern Kentucky Emerging Leaders Council (ELC) transformed into an engaged, successful, and admired special interest group. This was achieved by refocusing a small group of members on the association’s strategic plan, formalizing the structure of the group, and ultimately fulfilling the HBA’s mission of supporting workforce development. Nearly half of the HBA’s Board of Directors are made up of members that were introduced to the association through the ELC and are the most successful fundraising group for the Enzweiler Building Institute (EBI) trade school.

The purpose of the ELC is to formally gather a group of younger leaders in the industry, engage them in the association, and enhance their leadership skills. The group acts as a funnel to other association committees and the HBA’s Board of Directors. The council has started to work closely with the HBA’s strategic plan and felt the most inspiring initiative was workforce development through scholarship and operational support for the Enzweiler Building Institute. One event the council held was “A Toast to the Trades,” with a fundraising goal of $3,100 to fully fund a one-year scholarship for a new student to the EBI. The event was a success, with the goal being met and the scholarship being fully funded. Additionally, the ELC now has consistently 15 attendees at all monthly meetings.