CDBIA PWB’s Bella Donnas

Local Association Less than 200 members

HBA: Charlotte DeSoto Building Industry Association

Category: Membership

Location: Port Charlotte, FL

Size: Local Association: 201-600 members

Year: 2022

The Charlotte DeSoto Building Industry Association presents the PWB Bella Donna Awards, celebrating women in the building industry. In 2020, the HBA chartered a Professional Women in Building (PWB) Council and this event helped highlight the women in the industry and promote construction to women. Melanie Griffin, Secretary of Florida’s Department and Business Regulation, was the guest speaker and helped to engage and inspire everyone who attended the event.

The Charlotte DeSoto BIA was able to raise $9,560 through ticket sales and sponsorship. A portion of the sponsorship benefitted the PWB Construction Scholarship and purchasing “The House That She Built” books. The event was a true win-win, raising awareness and funds to promote women in building. The four awards presented at the event were named after past women CDBIA presidents and are a legacy gift to the women who shattered the glass ceiling within the community.