Adopting a Membership Recruitment Culture

HBA Awards

HBA: HBA of Greater Cleveland

Category: Membership

Location: Independence, Ohio

Size: Local Association: 201-600 members

Year: 2022

The HBA of Greater Cleveland established a Culture of Recruitment in 2020 with support from the HBA’s staff and board to prioritize recruiting. The first year was successful even through a pandemic. In 2022, the HBA added 50 new members due to the success of adopting a Culture of Recruitment. The HBA now has membership recruitment as one of its pillars of existence.

Establishing membership recruitment into the culture was created to bring a stable membership base without significant losses and gains each year. The association decides what new event or tool to recruit new members each year. The association realized the importance of constant communication and implemented a 30-60-90-day touch program locally to ensure new members were hearing from the HBA regularly. Additionally, the association established an ambassador program.

Recently, the HBA started membership socials and a newly revamped membership orientation. Members can share their personal experiences on what HBA membership has done for them and their business. Last, the association recruits new members at their event, a Home for the Holidays.