The Big Give Back

HBA Awards

HBA: HBA of Raleigh & Wake County and the HBA of Durham, Orange & Chatham Counties

Category: HBA Operations

Location: N.C.

Size: Local Association: 601+ members

Year: 2022

The Big Give Back is the Triangle Sales & Marketing Council (TSMC) community service project and is an important part of the identity and culture of the council. In 2022, the council raised $13,000 in corporate sponsorships from its members and recruited 48 members to volunteer for two days to help renovate the dilapidated home of a 67-year-old amputee.

This year, the council worked with Rebuilding Together of the Triangle (RTT), which works to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize neighborhoods by providing home repair and renovation services free of charge to those in need.

The purpose of the Big Give back is to utilize the volunteer base of the TSMC to give back to the community. With the largest Sales & Marketing Council in the nation, TSMC has the resources, labor, and funding to make a difference. The home owner needed windows, ramp and stair repairs, deck repairs, attic weatherization, bathroom modifications, flooring, HVAC and electrical repairs. Once the project was complete, volunteers all pitched in to help clean up the yard and bring in landscaping. Everyone rolled back their sleeves and did amazing work.