Open for Business: Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

HBA Awards

HBA: Desert Valleys Builders Association

Category: HBA Operations

Location: Palm Desert, Calif.

Size: Local Association: less than 200 members

Year: 2022

The Desert Valleys Builders Association was part of a coalition of community groups that came together in March 2020 to address the community’s needs as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded. The group filled the information gaps between issuing federal, state, county, and local health orders and provided a platform for assistance with financial aid programs. In addition, the coalition was the only collective group of business leaders in the region that came together quickly, without individual agendas, and worked for the community.

The group formed voluntarily without local or government assistance and informed members and the public of resources available such as food distribution, monies, and medical availability. The coalition also distributed and maintained communications across the Coachella Valley and beyond. After the pandemic, the regional business community recognized the effort, and group members have maintained working relationships.