Building Science Program

HBA Operations

HBA: HBA of Greater Portland

Category: HBA Operations

Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Size: Local Association: 601+ members

Year: 2022

The Building Science Program is a technical resource, education, and mentoring program for the HBA of Greater Portland’s members. The program serves the HBA’s diverse membership by providing jobsite audits to create continuous improvement plans, small group forums on building topics, onsite “behind the walls” tours, and programming content for the HBA’s BuildRight Conference + Expo. The program has evolved to become a trusted source for builders in the Portland area and affords all who participate the ability to stay ahead of the building science curve.

The Building Science Program was developed to help educate members and mentor new builders in efficient processes, best practices, and connect members to innovative products in the marketplace. It also provides an in-house Building Science Consultant that can work with members to resolve challenges within the field. The program and director have assisted in developing stronger HBA training and education offerings and has set up meetings with members to help review problem areas and discuss solutions. By creatively providing a respected and accessible technical support service, the HBA is a stronger and more trusted advocate on these issues, are engaging a diverse member mix, and have strengthened its education, training, and information resources.