State and Local Government Committee and Capitol Day

Association Excellence Awards

HBA: BIA of Northern Kentucky

Category: Government Affairs

Location: Erlanger, KY

Size: Local Association: 201-600 members

Year: 2022

The State and Local Government Committee meets with elected officials from the HBA’s territory that represent the cities, counties, and state legislative districts in the region. The committee also at times meets with regional and statewide officials that work in the Governor’s Administration as well as statewide government offices. The purpose of the State and Local Government Committee is to create lasting relationships with elected officials and make them aware of issues facing the industry and workforce. In 2022, the committee held meetings with multiple government officials, including Senator Mitch McConnell.

The State and Local Government Committee has drafted a set of public policy priorities they use with elected officials to communicate the needs of the industry. The goal of the committee’s advocacy work is to change state and local policy to make the region a more business friendly environment while continually improving the results of the Enzweiler Building Institute to deliver trained workers to the construction sector. The HBA and committee have been successful in passing several pieces of legislation that include a lottery funded statewide scholarship program for high school graduates. Additionally, the committee has worked with other associations to stop several other bad pieces of legislation and passed others that are favorable to the industry.