DVBA Legislative Forum

HBA Awards

HBA: Desert Valleys Builders Association

Category: Government Affairs

Location: Palm Desert, CA

Size: Local Association: less than 200 members

The Desert Valleys Builders Association (DVBA) hosts a monthly Legislative Forum, bringing together representatives from local county and state governmental agencies and organizations that directly impact the housing and construction industries. Typical representation at this meeting is 30 to 32 with three-to-five-minute presentations on each agency with an opportunity for Q&A. The Legislative Forum is an information exchange from agencies to express the latest issues and announcements that each of them are dealing with in real time, giving them as well as stakeholders the ability to see if they are facing similar issues.

Agencies represented cover federal offices, state offices, county, local municipalities, along with regional association/government, major utilities providers, tribal government, and transportation. The group discusses important issues with their respective agencies, announce new businesses, updates on potential areas that cross over into other jurisdictions, and report on any open issues such as fee studies and legislative actions. The overall goal is to share current and important information to both agencies and stakeholders. Additionally, the forum provides the DVBA with a direct and monthly connection with many agencies to covey the HBA’s positions and issues.