Building Our Future

HBA Awards

HBA: Greater Columbus HBA

Category: Education

Location: Columbus, Ga.

Size: Local Association: Less than 200 Members

Year: 2022

Students participated in an experience with high school mentors that included career stations and building birdhouses. Fifth graders did writers’ workshop literacy sessions designed to help them process their experiences. Students summarized findings, drafted ideas, wrote and edited stories, illustrated drawings, then published a construction career exploration book titled “Building Our Future.”

The goal of the project was for high school students to teach the elementary students what they have learned in the construction program. By adding the literacy workshops to the projects, students were able to process their experiences and can look back by reviewing their stories, recalling the project, and remembering there are many career options available for their future. As these elementary students move on to middle school, some will choose college preparatory programs for their future, but many students will choose career and technical pathways. Career awareness is key to giving young students informed options for future career choices that are available and easily accessible to them.