Imagine Wake Podcast

HBA Awards

HBA: HBA of Raleigh & Wake County

Category: Communications

Location: Raleigh, N.C.

Size: Local Assocation: 601+ Members

Year: 2022

The Imagine Wake Podcast is an outreach piece of the Imagine Wake effort. The HBA of Raleigh & Wake County interviews elected officials, community leaders and thought leaders on growth-related issues in Wake County. Guests in 2022 included the former Raleigh Mayor, the President of Wake Technical Community College and the head of the Regional Transportation Alliance.

The purpose of the podcast is to supplement the efforts of the Imagine Wake Alliance, a group started by the HBA to proactively educate Wake County government officials and voters on the essential role home builders play to the county’s growth. The alliance also works to communicate the regulatory factors associated with rising construction costs, which are inherently passed along to homebuyers. The podcast format enables this message to be heard by a broader audience.

The Imagine Wake Podcast has had listeners from not only the U.S., but also Brazil, Colombia, Iran, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom and Russia. While the HBA is not targeting listeners in these foreign countries, it underscores the scope and reach that a simple podcast can bring to a local message.