Cut the Costs: Educating Millennials about the Hidden Costs of Housing

HBA Awards

HBA: BIA of Washington

Category: Communications

Location: Tumwater, Wash.

Size: State Association

Year: 2022

The BIA of Washington developed the Cut the Costs digital advertising campaign to help millennials hoping to purchase their first homes understand the hidden costs driving home prices in the state. The campaign ultimately attracted nearly 10 million impressions, 3 million video views and 1,800 newsletter sign-ups. Thumbnail text and keep as first paragraph for project description.

With a mid-term election on the horizon, the BIA of Washington sought to increase awareness, drive engagement and ultimately spur action among millennials seeking to purchase homes. The campaign focused on millennials outside the urban core in Washington as the HBA predicted they might be more open to the pro-housing message and more likely to engage.

The Cut the Costs campaign was a contributing factor to housing becoming a key issue for the 2023 legislative session. Legislators had much greater awareness of the need for reforms to allow more homes to be built more quickly and with fewer regulatory delays and several bipartisan pro-housing bills have already passed the legislature.